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Open Roundtable on Regulation of Non-State Actors in India’s School Education

Centre for Policy Research

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 ADD TO CALENDAR

10:00 AM To 12:30 PM

Conference Room, Centre For Policy Research

With rising demand for education during the last few decades from all sections of the society, there has been an increase in non-state participation in provisioning of schools, as well as, in supplementary services across India.

While there are certain state-level regulations and policies, India lacks an overarching structure and framework for the regulation of private actors. Further, monitoring of compliance of government rules & regulations by the non-state actors- both private school providers and providers of supplementary services – has been an area that has received much less attention from government and other stakeholders than it warrants.

With this background, the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) recently came out with a paper titled “Regulation of Non-State Actors in School Education in India”, which has contributed to the 2022 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) South Asia report on non-state actors in education. It reviewed the existing structure and rules related to regulation of non-state provisioning and explored factors such as lack of state capacity and political inclination that play a major role in explaining inadequate regulation and monitoring.

However, more discussions are required in order to develop better policy interventions towards creating an efficient system for regulation of non-state actors. This has acquired greater urgency in light of the NEP 2020’s proposed regulator framework as part of its recommendations. How can we marry the NEP recommendations with findings from the ground, as presented in our paper, and suggest a framework that addresses the larger goals of education?

The roundtable will feature experts. Public members are invited to attend as observer participants. Please click here for registration.

We only have limited seating available for in-person attendance. The registration approval for the same will be sent by 29 November. You can always attend the event online, if we are not able to offer you a seat at our venue.

Open Roundtable on Regulation of Non-State Actors in India’s School Education