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Budget Briefs Analyses 2021

Budget 2021 is only a few days from now. In the first batch of our flagship research publication, you will find insights on the structure, fund flows and trends in implementation of 6 key Government of India welfare programmes related to education, nutrition and income support.

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The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Public School Education

The brief presents some of the key effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on India’s public school education, focussing specifically on children.

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Repivoting in a Difficult Year

In 2020, we produced a body of work that sought to document the ways in which the public system has responded to an unprecedented crisis.

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आपकी पंचायत को कहाँ-कहाँ से पैसा आता है?

आइये जानते हैं कि पंचायत का पैसा आप तक कैसे पहुँचता है।

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