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A Lookback on the Forum

The forum was an attempt to spark dialogue on the challenges and prospects of civil society-government collaboration in India. It spanned two days (7-8th October) and featured over 27 speakers. Here is a glimpse of the sessions held.

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Financing Nutrition in India: Cost Implications of the Nutrition Policy Landscape 2019-20

In this study, you will find information on nutrition costing. It carries forward critical studies that costed for nutrition interventions.

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Inside Districts

India’s pandemic response crafted from the experiences of the country’s frontline workers, and government officials.

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महामारी के दौरान शिक्षा: कोविड-19 के समय संस्थाओं द्वारा अपनाई गई कार्यशैली

शिक्षा पर कार्य करने वाली संस्थाओं के साथ वेबिनार |

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