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While universal enrolment has progressed, low learning levels as per the student’s grade is an emerging challenge. India’s education policy is rich in presenting macro solutions, but how can the quality of education improve in classrooms? At Accountability Initiative, we delve into the heart of the matter. Our research attempts to explain processes on the frontline of education- inside schools. We have studied teacher motivation, student-teacher interaction, school culture, and school's relation with the education bureaucracy. We have unpacked the impact of policy decisions to merge schools, and modify teaching practices. At the same time, our studies on tracking education budgets and their delivery till the last mile known as PAISA studies provide a unique window into planning and management of education financing, and help answer the question of how much money actually reaches schools and how it is utilised. Coupled with our work on School Management Committees (SMCs), they provide avenues for citizens to involve themselves in tracking fund flows.

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