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Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) GoI, 2019-20 (Pre-Budget)

Avani Kapur , Ritwik Shukla

The Integrated Child Development Services is the Government of India’s (GoI’s) flagship programme aimed at providing basic education, health and nutrition services for early childhood development. This brief uses government data to analyse ICDS performance along the following parameters:
■ Allocations, releases, and
■ Component wise trends
■ Human and Physical resources
■ Coverage
■ Outcomes
Cost share and implementation:
For the Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP), funds are shared between GoI and state governments in a 50:50 ratio. For
other components, funds are shared in a 60:40 ratio, and in a 90:10 ratio for Northeastern states, Himalayan states, and Union Territories (UTs) with legislatures. The ratio is 100:0 for UTs without a legislature. Since 1 December 2017, GoI provides only 25 per cent for salaries, but 90 per cent for for Northeastern states, Himalayan states, and UTs with legislatures. UTs without a legislature are fully funded by GoI.

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