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Study of State Finances 2020-21 (Provisional)

Avani Kapur, Sharad Pandey, Udit Ranjan, Vastav Irava

The ‘Study of State Finances 2020-21’ Working Paper delves into the revenue and expenditure performance of 17 States. As the COVID-19 pandemic tightens its grip, this timely analysis offers a unique window into the fiscal space available with States prior to the lockdown. This information is critical at a time when they are expected to craft adequate social protection responses and restart their economies.


To cite this paper, we recommend the following: Kapur A., Irava, V., Pandey S., and Ranjan, U. (2020), “Study of State Finances 2020-21”, Accountability Initiative, Centre for Policy Research. Retrieved via URL: <http://accountabilityindia.in/publication/study-of-state-finances/

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