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Twitter Event: What Role Does Funding Play in Nutritional Outcomes?

Accountability Initiative Staff

Tuesday, 14 September 2021 ADD TO CALENDAR

5:00 PM To 5:30 PM

Join us today for a session where we revisit the basics of nutrition-related government funding in India, and the role funding plays in nutritional outcomes. The session will be live and held on Twitter Spaces from 05:00 PM IST

If you are a Twitter user, follow our Twitter handle here (do turn on ‘tweet notifications’, so you don’t miss updates related to the event). More information about Twitter Spaces can be found here.

The Speakers:

  • Avani Kapur, Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research and Director, Accountability Initiative (CPR). Visit here to know her work.
  • Ritwik Shukla, Senior Research Associate at Accountability Initiative (CPR).  Visit here to know his work.

This event is part of AI’s ‘National Nutrition Week & POSHAN Maah 2021’ exclusive.