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Accountability Initiative Staff

5 September 2021

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Policy News

  • The Union government has urged all state governments to ensure that the aspirational districts have a nutrition garden at Anganwadi centres (AWCs). To learn more about the AWCs and what they look like from the inside, download this infographic.
  • Madhya Pradesh became the second state in the country to implement the National Education Policy after Karnataka.
  • The government has launched the e-SHRAM portal to maintain a database of workers in the unorganised sector.
  • India has become the first Asian country to launch the Plastics Pact that aims to bring together businesses, governments, and nonprofits to set time-bound commitments to reduce plastics from their value chains.


  • According to a recent study, children who are vulnerable to social discrimination, are more likely to be stunted.
  • According to the ‘World Social Protection Report, 2020-22’ released by the International Labour Organisation, over half of the global population lacks any form of social protection.

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